We are open when school is closed

At The Learning Hub, we strive to increase a student's confidence in school and we know that it can be achieved with a little bit of extra attention and practice. That’s why our tutors are available each day after school and on Saturdays to help your student with homework.

Group Enrichment Classes

Monday - Friday 3PM to 7PM


Our group tutoring classes cater primarily to students attending Gateway Charter School. We meet students at the school and take them to our center located just across the street. Our goal is to build on what is being taught in the classroom and help our students grasp concepts they do not fully understand. Our groups are small and children learn in a fun, team format.     


School breaks and Holidays


Camps are offered during all school breaks. They combine fun and learning and feature programs that engage students and promote discovery. The Learning Hub is opened during most school holidays including teacher planning days.

Individualized Tutoring Services

Monday - Saturday by appointment 


If you want to give your child a competitive edge in school and beyond, our tutoring services will deliver the results you're looking for. Our team of experienced tutors will help your child achieve their academic potential and will help inspire a life long love of learning. Whether your child needs a little extra help in math, reading, or science, we are here to help. Our tutoring schedules are very flexible and our services are available during afternoon, evening and weekend hours.


Monday - Friday

3:00 PM to 7:00 PM


By Appointment Only


13130 Westlinks Terrace Suite 7

Fort Myers, FL 33913


(239) 362-2760