We are here to help your child succeed

The Learning Hub was created in 2017 by a group of parents that wanted to help their children succeed in school and beyond. They knew their children were not working to their full potential and they wanted to create a space where the children could build on the concepts they were already learning in school while also having fun.


Chantelle Alvarez - Owner


"I clearly remember the excitement I felt when we started discussing the possibility of opening a tutoring center for our children. I could specifically envision the type of place I wanted my son to attend and set out to create just that.

I wanted him in an environment where he wasn't just learning about school subjects but also developing skills that would help him grow in all areas.

I wanted him to think critically and logically so that he could become the problem solver of the future. I think we were able to create just that place."


Sahily Escalar and Enrique Belloso - Owners  


"The Learning Hub is exactly what we envisioned for our son. It is a safe place where he can work on school assignments, create connections with other students, and learn in new and exciting ways.

Not only has he gained knowledge in different subjects, he has also developed interpersonal skills that will help him along the way. He has become a leader and thinks independently.

The Learning Hub keeps him entertained and motivated and it is exciting to see how his grades and behavior have improved."


Monday - Friday

3:00 PM to 7:00 PM


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13130 Westlinks Terrace Suite 7

Fort Myers, FL 33913


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